About The Ugly Vampire

The Ugly Vampire started out back in 2010 as a web-comic by Kat Nicholson, posted on her DeviantArt page. Before long the characters started to take a life of their own and gained a small but perfectly formed following on their group. Given Kat's background in animation, it was only a matter of time before the decision to “bring Nerk to life” came about, and the chance to do just that was presented in the form of Cardiff-based animation company, Turnip Starfish. Their talented team of animators work together to produce the animations you can find on our YouTube Channel; TheUglyVampireTV

Meet the crew: (roll over the characters to read their profiles)

Lil is “The Girl Next Door” ... quite literally! A lonely child, curious & adventurous, Lil gets to know Mort and Nerk, without really thinking there’s anything odd about them at all! Her parents have little time for her so she spends a lot of time with this new and unusual “family” and although she’s naïve and sweet, she’s smart and often more informed/grounded than the two “grown-ups”!

Zombaby: ...more info coming soon!

Ducky: is Nerk’s faithful friend and pet. Ducky is actually a swan, but Nerk's gotten so used to calling him “Ducky” that he'll probably never accept that fact. Ducky’s smarter than he looks and is very suspicious of new people.

Mort: Used to be a sucessfu actor.however a case of “Verso Wolfism” has left him a werewolf most of the time, returning to his human form only on a full moon!

He still retains his charm and charisma however, as he tries to live his life as though nothing has changed.

Nerk: Is one of the last in a long line infamous vampires, yet his antics would hardly meet his ancestor expectations; Nerk is hopeless as a Vampire, he is too nice to kill anything and too friendly to scare anyone!

However, his unusual appearance has left him with little confidence when it comes to making friends.

He dreams of being “Nerk The Awesome!” - A popular, attractive and heroic version of himself, yet he doesn’t seem to realise that with just a little self-belief that goal isn’t so out of his reach!

About Kat:

UK-based artist Kat-Nicholson has worked predominantly in the UK Comic and animation industries. Kat made the first Ugly Vampire comic back in 2010 after recieving bizzare inspiration from a pattern in the condensation on a window-payne, and since then the characters have taken on a life of their own. Most of the comics are drawn on her train journeys to and from her job at Turnip Starfish on her iPad, using an ap called SketchBookX.

You can find out more info on Kat by visiting her website, or keep up to date with her other works by watching her Deviantart page.